Cynthya Hale,CEO and Founder



Cynthya Hale, CEO of Domestic Violence Rally 2019, founder and developer, saw a need to draw awareness about the domestic violence epidemic.  She gathered advocates, both men and women, together as single entity to march and make and change for our communities, our states, and our nation. The impact of domestic    violence can affect the lives of over 120 million people; we never really know how domestic violence will affect the lives of an individual until it affects a close relative; your sister, your mother, your daughter,      friend, neighbor, intimate partner, someone from school or a coworker. What do we say? How do we act? What can you do to help? Should I mind my business or help them? Is this a family matter or should I just let the police take care of it?

Should I really get involved?

These are many of the questions that go through the minds of the day to day citizens. And each and every day we still deal with Domestic Violence, Intimate Partner Violence and Violence towards children sexual abuse, and bullying.

March with us on October 1, 2019, and together, let's break the silence, change and add some laws!



                   TextPhone:  1-888-553-0339

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